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My list of physical exercises

When I feel creaky, I do these.


The ones that I do are somewhat "yoga-like" but I don't follow anything in particular (number is the number of times every exercise is done, minimum or maximum depending by personal choice):

Up and Down

Round and about

With your hands crossed, your arms stretched and your legs squatting, make a full circle clockwise and counter-clockwise. (3-9)

Elbows on the side

Hands and shoulders

Legs squared

leaning on one side, stretch the outer leg sliding the heel until your foot faces almost upward. The inner leg assumes a straight angle position, with the knee almost touching the ground and the heel elevated from the ground (don't stress). (2-6)

On a soft mat

Exercises below should be done on a soft surface.

Reversed Pendulum

With one knee touching the ground, hands crossed behind your head, torque your body such that the elbow gets closer to the knee touching the ground, (don't stress). (3-6)



Legs and thighs



The order that I have written is the one I use during a session, however I might end a session with some aerobic (after the abdominal exercises), usually you want to end with some stretching, so in this case my habits should not be recommended. The whole session generally last around half an hour, rarely 45 minutes.

Remember that physical exercises help with mood, blood pressure, constipation, dizziness due to low oxygenation and other things...so they are quite important and a good alternative to other types of more direct medications.

Prefer exercises instead of pills when you can.

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