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power of the crowd

Apps powered by crowd sourcing

This is a list of apps that share the same general idea, of leveraging user submissions, and social interactions.

Social vegetables

There have been a few proof of concepts about a social network oriented around growing and exchanging vegetables. But nothing serious has emerged. It only makes sense at an amateur level, at the same time it can only take off in locations with an high density of green thumped people, such that a network can emerge; Growers also need to establish a web of trust, otherwise no transactions can take place.

Garbage spotters

Rate how much a particular location is filled with garbage. User can submit geo tagged photos for placed filled with garbage, giving a rate up to 3 stars about how bad it is. This can help municipalities track the environmental status of their territories, but it is lacking in incentives.

Holes spotters

Same as garbage spotters, but for street holes. This can be enhanced by using smartphones sensors, to pin point out of the ordinary sudden movements that should not happen when on the road.


Population density, as seen by human eye. Useful if you want to track how crowded spaces like beaches or parks are, such that you can choose to go to less crowded destinations.

point of view

A pseudo critical/satirical website/database/dictionary were things are defined in different ways, as they would be seen by a particular stereotypical personality/character.

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