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Ponds to share news

In a world where it is hard to distinguish between real and fake news, some people are trying solutions to give weight to some news over others, such that trustworthiness does not depend on the source.

This means that a place for a third-party actor has opened to offer such service, and be a sort of guarantor for the news-sphere.

However to be able to discern news, expertise are needed, and current solution don't take into account that it is easier for an expert to spot lies within his field of expertise, then it is for a human just by general knowledge.

Therefore it would be useful to create an interface and a platform to enable experts to be heard. Sybil resistance in the form of staked expertise would be used to limit fake experts, which could be challenged by other experts of the same field to prove their stance in order to keep the system honest.

This is indeed a form of gate keeping, but to reduce noise and overload, any form of filtering can be considered gate keeping.

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