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Why Windows is an unfixable mountain of bugs

Windows (11) rant.

Here's is a list of reasons why windows will never be better than shifting sands.

It's full of telemetry

How many endpoints does the OS ping? how frequently? Can telemetry be disabled entirely? Probably not. The OS is not developed with telemetry disabled, it will incur in some weird timeouts / stalls behaviour because it expects MS endpoints to be reachable.

Cryptic error codes with unspecified causes

All Windows give you when something goes awry is an error code, almost never an error message, and if it does it is incomprehensible because it references some runtime that is most likely closed source.

ACL everywhere

Of course, ACL is the better security model. Good luck finding out where and what permissions are required when you get a permission denied error.


Windows hasn't recognized this device...So how do you fix this? Can I poke somewhere pretty please? I am not even mentioning driver signatures.

User State

User data is stored in %APPDATA% local and roaming. If I browse the two folders I don't see clear definitions, some apps store cache in one folder despite it being for configuration others do the opposite...Does windows even have proper conventions?

Windows has no PATH

Every binary is usually store within its own directory (along with all the vendored dependencies). If you try to generalize the path you would end up with a list of thousand directories where binaries are stored, at least there is scoop.

Windows updates are pushed...very angrily

Apparently can happen that windows pushes bad updates, which than pulls back, or updates that aren't even for the platform that their are pushed to! Also there is no mention of windows upgrades being atomic, so every time you perform an upgrade, you are rolling the dice.


The windows shell is more like a kiosk than an UI you can press buttons and click on stuff, as long as it is sanctioned by the windows UI team, there is no proper API for shortcuts. Every application to configure keyboard shortcuts is a hack.

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